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Decades of experience with the proof of performance. We provide you with the tools and training you need to get your practice and team running more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy practice growth not redundancy!


SENSE has a history of leading Canadian practices like yours to operational excellence increasing their growth, profitability and team motivation while reducing stress.

Consulting Services SENSE provide

Dental Strategy helps Canadian dentists create exceptional dental practices by making more informed and better business decisions. Dental Strategy is the Canadian leader in dental demographics and dental business intelligence.

We use our skills to help dentists to:
Decide whether you should continue to associate, purchase a practice or start a new one.

Develop a step-by-step plan for starting a new practice or purchasing an existing one.

Choose the best location for your new dental practice Evaluate a particular location.

Develop and implement a successful internal and external marketing strategy.

Design the optimal bonus system.

With SENSE on your team, you're a winner

From the day you decide to open your own dental practice until you're completely comfortable and the practice is operating at its full potential, SENSE is at your side to point the way and monitor your progress. Your accounts receivable, profit-and-loss statements, fee structure and appointment book speak volumes about what your practice is doing right – but she'll spot the little extras that could mean thousands a month in additional revenue.

SENSE will help you secure enough financing to get your new practice off to a flying start, and give the word when it's time to add doctors, staff and equipment, or upgrade your systems and equipment.

SENSE will provide insectionidual coaching to mold your staff into a true team. People on great teams are productive, happy, fun to work with and enjoy being part of your great practice.

With her detailed analysis and easy-to-follow business plans, you will watch your progress every step of the way. You will reap the financial rewards you've earned, better control the direction of your business, more fully enjoy your time away, and be confident that your future is assured.

You will fret less over meeting next week's payroll and your retirement target, and concentrate more on Johnny's cavities or Mrs. Miller's root canal.